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50 Year Old, 48 Hours After Implant Removal - No Lift - No Implants? (photo)

I am 48 hours post-op. Breast are itchy and wrapped in tensor. I would like to put frozen peas on as my body feels like that would help. Nurse said that I shouldn't because... READ MORE

12 Days After Explant. 25 Yr Silicone Ruptured/1 Side Had Bad Leak Extracap/found Hard LUMP. Normal? (photo)

12 days post -op. Started massage on breasts. One side feels right - the other side has the caved in nipple where the ps took all the tissue because of silicone leak outside... READ MORE

PS Performed Removal of Old Implants. He Found a Fibroadenoma (He Says) and Sent for Biopsy. It Never Made It to Lab? (photo)

3 months post surgery. PS informs me he removed a deep Fibroadenoma, I had found it before 5 months ago (presurg) but implant hid from ultrasound and mammogram. He said it went... READ MORE

1 year post surgery. R. side had lump removed and implants. Lump lost. no results? (photo)

Now R breast nipple/area ITCHY. Wakes me up. Had surgery to remove old silicone implants (ruptured) Nov 2012. A deep lump was found R. breast. It was sent to pathology but lost... READ MORE

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I am glad we are all positive! I go Nov 13th for double capsule and messy silicone (in front of muscle) removal. I fell and cracked one of the capsules at the chest wall and felt like a broken rib. Not looking forward to the pain after... READ COMMENT

Ok well feel better soon. My D date or D-less date is Nov 13 - hope it's a 'lucky' day. LOL. READ COMMENT

I think you are going to be just fine firehorseoflove and you look great. We lived in an RV too a few times in our life. It is tough staying at home with not much to do. I remember that house work took 15 minutes and I LIKED that! LOL.... READ COMMENT

Cool advice...If that's the case and I did it right then after the explant my nipples shouldn't be looking at my feet. yeah! That won't be so bad. Thanks makes me feel a little better. If I get a quarter of the result that firehorse did... READ COMMENT

So after the explant it is wise to wear a bra? I haven't worn one in 25 years - except a loose sports bra when I ride my horse. This should be interesting as I can't stand the feel of them - but it could be because the implants are... READ COMMENT