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Questions from Moviefan

Will Chin Implant or Jaw Implant Improve Profile? (photo)

Last year I underwent 2 surgeries to repair a severe mandible fracture after accident. The trauma and resulting surgeries left my chin misaligned and soft tissue severely... READ MORE

Can nose be revised in rhinoplasty to reverse lateral osteotomy and slightly lower septum closer to face to make more pliable?

I had devastating experience with what I thought was cosmetic surgery a year ago and hope to be able to get my old nose back. Lateral and medial osteotomies were done to raise... READ MORE

Can moderately thick skin shrink back with Revision Rhino if multiple spreader grafts, tipwork and strut graft removed? (photo)

I went to my rhinoplasty surgeon over a year ago for hopefully cosmetic improvement on slightly deviated septum and she performed a lateral and medial osteotomy with the... READ MORE

Can anything be done for Rhinoplasty disaster in communication and was given giant nose by a young surgeon?

I had an initial rhinoplasty just over a year ago for slight deivation and through miscommunication, the young surgeon gave me a giant nose. I was going for moderate cosmetic... READ MORE

Can someone please help me with revision rhinoplasty reconstruction of my old much more narrow nose?

I had horrible initial rhinoplasty experience 14 months ago where I went in for what I thought would be minor cosmetic procedure for slightly deviated septum and ended up with... READ MORE

Can bridge and strut grafts be removed in revision rhinoplasty to help restore smaller nose in thick skin patients? (photo)

I had miscommunication with surgeon and a devastating rhinoplasty experience 15 months ago and hope to get my old nose back. Nasal bones were widened and grafts installed to... READ MORE

One and a half years post Rhinoplasty, can thick skinned nose be de-projected and narrowed in a revision rhinoplasty? (photos)

It's been nearly a year and half since I had a devastating rhinoplasty experience. Without my knowledge my nose was given multiple spreader grafts and strut to attempt wider... READ MORE

Can giant chin be reduced after mandible surgery and two mentalis suspension attempts? (photo)

I am in my late 30's and had initial surgery to fix fractured mandible 3 years ago and since have had two different mentalis resuspension surgeries to resuspend mentalis muscle... READ MORE

Is is possible to massage or rub overgrafted thick skin nose after a rhinoplasty to help break up graft and reduce size?

I had a bad rhiniplasty a year and half ago where unknowingly grafts were placed between my upper lateral cartilage and nasal bone. This caused my bridge to become too wide and... READ MORE

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Please can you post or send me before and after pictures? im very interested in same type of procedure to repair facial and jaw after a trauma/accident. READ COMMENT