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Q-Switch, PicoSure, Revlite and Engliten

Like the title mentions, I have been treated with 4 different lasers and have had 19 treatments over the course of 5 years. As you can imagine, I’m pretty devastated over the fact that the tattoo is not only still there but also very visible. And on top of that, I have moderate to severe scarring from when I was burned during the second treatment with the q-switch. The tattoo is a cover up o... READ MORE

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Why isn't my tattoo responding to treatment?

I have had 19 treatments with 4 different lasers (q-switch, picosure, Revilte and enlighten) and have been left with this blotchy, scarred mess of a tattoo. Each technician who... READ MORE

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Perhaps, but I've been told that it wouldn't make a difference. At this point I can't really justify spending any more money towards treatment READ COMMENT

Thank you! Good luck with yours as well! READ COMMENT

The enlighten has a 1064 wavelength as well but I haven't been responding to it as expected. It could be that my skin is just over-lasered. READ COMMENT

Thank you for the kind words. Isn't picoway made by the same company as picosure? I only ask because they have a lawsuit against them currently. Apparently the laser is a big ripoff, which sucks since I had the bulk of my treatments... READ COMMENT

The tattoo was VERY dark. Like sharpie black lol. If I can find a pic of it I'll post it. I started out spacing them 6 weeks apart, then moved up to 8 and then 10. I had 4 treatments with the Q-switch, 8 with picosure, 3 with revlite... READ COMMENT