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Voluma - Westborough, MA

I had gone to Dr. Keamy wanting to address the area under my eyes which was looking puffy to me. I am 51 years old and stay healthy and this was making me look tired and feel old. I had been looking at my face knowing it looked different but really couldn't put my finger on what exactly it was that was different. It took Dr. Keamy about 3 seconds to see that it was not so much under my eyes... READ MORE

Chin/Neck Smartlipo Gets 2 Thumbs Up

I am 44 years old and had sagging and heaviness under my chin and along my jawline. This bothered me every time I looked in the mirror. I am 5'7" and weigh about 135 lbs. I don't have a problem with weight, but this would not go away on my face. I didn't know exactly what I needed to do, so I consulted a Plastic/Cosmetic surgeon.We decided on the Smartlipo, and I am so glad I did. I... READ MORE

Love my New Eyelids

I have always had heavy upper eyelids and as I passed 40 years old, they really started getting heavier and drooping. I found myself constantly lifting my brow to get my lids off of my eyes. At 44 yrs old I had upper bleph. I am 5 weeks out and am so happy with the decision. The scars are still red and I have a little hypertrophic scarring on one side that seems to be getting better with... READ MORE

Questions from Gardenpath

Medial Loose Pouch of Skin After Upper Blepharoplasty

I had upper Blepharoplasty 5 weeks ago. Aside from having some "extra" muscle and skin removed, one aspect of the procedure was that I had fat removed from the inner... READ MORE

Complications of Breast Implant Replacement After 23 Years?

I have had breast implants for 23 years and developed capsular contracture on one side after 18 years, after starting to play volleyball. I need to replace them and I want to... READ MORE

Difference Between Allergan Style 15 and Style 40 Breast Implants?

I am having Breast implant replacement after 25 years because of capsular contracture, probably a leak, on one side. I want to go smaller, from 420cc low profile double lumen... READ MORE

What Does It Take to Lower a Sub-muscular Implant Pocket? Can It Be Done in the Office?

I had sub-muscular, silicone implants approximately 1 year ago. I have 340cc implants. The right sits quite a bit higher and I'm wondering what the procedure is to lower... READ MORE

Right Implant Rising Up Under the Muscle.

I had silicone, sub-muscular implants about 1 year ago and the right breast implant is "rising up" under the muscle. This is what my PS said via e-mail/photos. (I am... READ MORE

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Dr. Elliot Lach of Boston Surgical Group in Southboro,MA. Good luck! READ COMMENT

Yes, if it is medically necessary. The opthomologist will do what they call a "tape test". They test your eyes as they are, then test with the lids taped up to mainly test your peripheral vision as far as I understand. I didn't to... READ COMMENT

No longer than a week for me. If you can wear a turtleneck, you're fine. If not, what little bruising you may have is easily covered. I only had a line of bruising where my neck & chin meet & it really healed fast. Good luck, you'll... READ COMMENT

Thanks for the comment. I'm about 9 weeks out now and look like I never had surgery. My eyes look exactly like I had hoped they would. If you are even considering it, go for it! You'll be glad you did. I'll be happy to answer any... READ COMMENT

Good luck to you as well. It goes by fast. You will see daily changes, some days better, sometimes worse. Just wear the compression garment and do some massage after about a week or so. Everything evens out & gets more consistent... READ COMMENT