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Kybella. Southport, CT

Well I received my injections on 4/8/2016. I was given 2 vials. my neck is not extremely fat, but I do have a noticeable chin that I would love to get rid of. The injections did not hurt, but you are sore and experience, lumps, numbness, and giggly in the chin area. I am a little over 1 week out still sore, and very puffy. Not sure I will go the 2nd round, I need to see who this works out in... READ MORE

BBL & BREAST 11/2013...Dr.Miami

Hello ladies....ok so im almost on year from my mini tt..and im going for more ..; ) ten days away and looking forward to this other chapter in my life my bag is already packed and I ready!!! this is such a treat to do whatever I want to enhance and feel good....I will keep you posted..happy healing... So im not getting much sleep...although I am not new to this...anticipation is... READ MORE

Thank God for Doc S aka Dr. Miami, (1st surgery mini TT was not him...)

Yesterday was my mini tummu tuck and lipo of the flanks,and inner and outter tbighs. I am sore but tolerable...I am taking my pain meds as instructed..I have walked to the bathroom..which by the way I purchased the best garment from marena.forgive the spelling..anyway I'm happy And can't wait to post before and after flicks Forgot to add hernia repair... ok...went back to work 10 days... READ MORE

Questions from ms.latinmorena

Puffiness & Swelling 1 Week Post-op Mini Tummy Tuck / Lipo

I Had a MTT 11-15 & Lipo of my Abs and my Upper Stomach is "Puffy" and Below the Incision? READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to See Results on Thigh Lipo? Inner and Outer?

I Still See my Hips Sticking out and the Inner Not Much Difference? READ MORE

Breast Augh and Bbl at the Same Time?

Hello my question your experience have your patients had a difficult time recovering since top and bottom of the body have limitations? traveling to have it READ MORE

Kybella to the neck?

Hi any benefits or harm wrapping the chin and applying arnica? For the 1st few days? READ MORE

Do you need a neck compression garment after Kybella?

Do you need a neck compression garment? after Kybella READ MORE

Fat necrosis, after a BBL?

What is the best treatment and or remedy for a hard lump subsequent to a bbl revision ?? The lump feels like a small golf ball. By looking at it you can see it, but you can... READ MORE

Breast implant reduction from 400cc to 275 or 300cc: Does this require scarring other than around my current areola scar?

I want to downsize but don't want the "T" shape or moon incision under the breast. Original size was a small C...implants inserted are too big...I want to downsize without all... READ MORE

Recent comments from ms.latinmorena

Hmm this is interesting...everybody trying to get on the dr.Miami bandwagon, not paying attention to the needs of patients.....all this clowning is ridiculous READ COMMENT

Just saw doc and his team...removing implants...this is what I scar READ COMMENT

All is good so far will post pictures scheduled to see doc tommorrow. Spoke to lisa who is very nice...and she reviewed everthing with me READ COMMENT

Will post pic..not posy. .....ugh READ COMMENT