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You will not be able to file this in small claims court, it will not be allowed as a legitimate claim. You would have to file any action in a civil court and it would have to be filed as a medical malpractice case which would cost you... READ COMMENT

Limo Lady is a perfect example of what happens when continuing to smoke makes it impossible to even have have the LSL doctors work on you. You say you have cut down dramatically but is sounds like you most likely are a chain smoker... READ COMMENT

You are out of luck 'botched.' You will not see a dime, your credit will be ruined and they can even sue you for non-payment. You created a contract by having the LSL whether or not you signed any document. You owe the money, and the... READ COMMENT

Ask spokesmodel Debbie Boone where she got her 4 face lifts. Definately not at LSL. She is an unknown 'one hit wonder' from over 40 years ago and that is the best they can do for a spokesmodel? This is the first job she has had in 39... READ COMMENT