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Used for Broken Capillaries Around the Nose - New York

They all magically disappeared immediately. slight redness went away after couple of days. they all came back though in about a month, so i did that again. they came back exactly as before treatments. I used retin a so maybe it caused that. Was worth it anyway because when i blow my nose and rub off foundation these capillaries were very visible. so now even if i rub it all of i still look good. READ MORE

Questions from Dalila80

Upper Eyelids Are Very Asymetrical After Blepharoplasty? (photo)

I am 3 weeks post op upper and lower blepharoplasty. It seems to me upper eyelids were cut unevenly. When my eyes are open they look totally different. right onecan be closed... READ MORE

I Have Yag Laser Scheduled for Broken Capillaries Near my Nose. How Soon After That Can I Have Fillers (Juvederm)?

Both procedures are done in two different offices. How long would you recommend a patient to wait? Thank you READ MORE

What is Better for Gum Recession on 4 Front Teeth: Tissue Grafting or AlloDerm Regenerative Tissue Matrix (RTM)?

I have gum recession on 4 teeth only due to harsh brushing. Want to do something about it i plan to do invisalign soon (teeth not aligned). Dentist who will do my invisalign... READ MORE

After Yag Laser Broken Capillaries Came Back in a Month. Was It Because of Retin A or It Was Done Wrong?

I got Yag laser for broken capillaries around the nose a month ago. it looked perfect after it was done for coupl of weeks, but now all capillaries came back. I used Retin A 0... READ MORE

How Soon After Blepharoplasty (Upper&lower) and Fillers (Nasolobial Folds/cheeks) and Botox Can You Do Chemical Peel?

I am currently 12 weeks after blepharoplasty and plan on doing fillers and botox within days from now. How soon after fillers and botox would you do chemical peel? thank you! READ MORE

How Soon After Juvedern Ultra in Nasolobial Folds Can I Use Retin A?

I just had juvederm done today. Also, they mentioned something about liquid food for today. Can i really move filler by chewing? what about brushing teeth/using dental floss?... READ MORE

What Other Fillers Are Appropriate if I Am Uncomfortable with Sculptra (Due to Possible Complications) for Sunken/uneven Cheeks?

I have very low body fat and would like rounder cheeks. i don't want cheek implants too, only fillers. thank you! READ MORE

How Many Sculptra Treatments and How Often Usually Needed for Thin Cheeks?

I have low body fat and hoolow/thinning cheeks. will patient see any noticeable results after 1st treatment? READ MORE

Just Had Juvederm 2 Days Ago and Need to See Dentist. Its Not Emergency but the Sooner the Better?

The problem is it was injected in nasolobial folds and my dentist always asks me to open mouth wide and it may take up to 1-1.5 hours with wide open mouth. When is it... READ MORE

How Much Weight Fluctuation Would You Allow Ideally to a Patient Who Had Fillers?

I plan to do cheek fillers (Sculptra or Radiesse) and i already had juvederm Ultra for nasolobial folds. I was wondering about weight. My weight fluctuates a bit throughout the... READ MORE

What Problems Should I Get Ready for if I Got 2 Crowns and 3 Veneers at the Time when I Start Invisalign?

By the time I am going to get Invisalign in January I will have 2 crowns and 3 veneers (all 3 on front teeth). It would be really helpful if you could estimate what happens... READ MORE

How Long Will I Look Swollen After Juvederm Ultranasolobial Folds Mistake Was Corrected?

I got Juvederm injected 2 weeks ago with 2 lumps, massage recommended by the office did not help. one of lumps is long and goes along the nasolobial fold about 1 inch. have an... READ MORE

Had an Injection to Dissolve Juvederm Ultra 2 Days Ago for Lumps, and They Increased and Feel Hard?

I was told i should not have any swelling after that at all. When do you expect lumps to actually dissolve and evaluate the results after this injection? It were nasolobial... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take Realistically for That Spech Impediment Caused by Invisalign to Go Away?

I heard people have problems with speaking (not able t say some sounds properly) after they got Invisalign that go away over time. How long does ot take from your experience? I... READ MORE

When You Remove a Mole It Supoosed to Be Gone 100%, Right?

I had mole on my back remved about 3 months ago. It healed and now I can see that tere are 3 small brown spots left over (originally it was a big brown raised mole.) sould i go... READ MORE

I still have visible hair follicules after 5 Candela laser sessions on setting 20 (brazilian). What would you suggest?

Hair do not grow back though. What should i do to fix and why it happened?I was using different laser on underamrs and legs (due to cost switched salon) where they use laser at... READ MORE