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I found that avoiding pants at all as much as possible was best for me when drains were in place. I wore night shirts or loose sundresses. My drains were uncomfortable with any movement and underwear needed to have LOOSE leg openings,... READ COMMENT

I stayed one night, had a PCA pump with Dilauded until next morning. I was really out of it surgery day, but PCA pump was great for pain control and I was able to use my breathing exerciser very well those first 12-24 hours. Found... READ COMMENT

Lisa43 I waited 4 weeks for nice gentle sex. I remember not being ready for sex for months after childbirth, but back then I had a newborn and other children to care for. Probably was just too tired back then. My kids are grown and... READ COMMENT

Southernbelle 1291, My surgeon recommended a stool softener rather than a laxative. I took colace 3 times a day first week while I used my prescription pain med. After I had first normal BM, felt much more relaxed. Any narcotic will... READ COMMENT

I am almost 6 weeks post TT and breast lift. Your post was very encouraging for me. Per Surgeon's orders I am only walking for exercise, not allowed to lift more than 20lbs. Can begin exercise Friday! Will start slow. I don't return... READ COMMENT