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At 5 days most all of us thought we looked better. I wish I had of found this web site before my surgery. Harriet I hope this works for you, but I think most of us will say it was not only greedy doctors but also the LSL procedure that... READ COMMENT

Earthgirl can I get your e-mail address. I would like to ask you some questions about the lipo. Mine is not looking so good and I had the same Dr. Should I expect any difference @ 6mo. I'm 4 mo. out. You wanted me to write you a while... READ COMMENT

I'm 4 months out and everyday it is a new disaster. I now have a huge indention under my chin and lumps and bumps. Can these indentions be filled? Where is earthgirl her problems seemed to have gotten extremely better. I may not be... READ COMMENT

I'm in the same boat, I answered their little how are we doing survey and havent heard one thing from them. I stil need to go back for my after pictures I'm 4 months out and still cant sleep on my right ear. I have a sunken in spot... READ COMMENT

I'm 4 mos. out and under my neck still has a suken in spot and wrinkles. My right ear still hurts and I can't lay on that side. My chin area that I really wanted to correct still looks like I've had nothing done, so i'm still not... READ COMMENT