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Is Nose Swelling After Juvederm Injection Under the Eyes to Lessen Hollows Normal? (photo)

I had 15-20% of 1 Juvederm syringe injected into my eye area to lessen the hollows 5 days ago. The left side of my cheek and under eye had bruised and also the sides of my nose... READ MORE

How Much Hyaluronidase Needed to Dissolve Juvederm in Tear Trough?

The doctor injected Juvederm in my tear troughs that I didn't ask for 2 weeks ago. He insisted I would love it and if not he can dissolve it. He injected 0.15cc only. 0.075cc... READ MORE

Did Doctor Inject a Proper Amount of Hyaluronidase Vitrase to Dissolve Juvederm? Will I Get my Natural Cheekbones Back? (photo)

I had 0.2cc of Juvederm injected in my cheeks 18 days ago. I didn't want it. The doctor insisited. He hit the blood vessel on left side. I had bad bruising and swelling. 2 days... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take to Heal from Hemosiderin Staining Resulting from Juvederm Injection to the Under Eye Area? (photo)

I had Juvederm injected in my cheeks 6 weeks ago. I was bruised badly. Had a hematoma. 4 weeks ago I had it dissolved with Vitrase. I still have the bulge under my eye, deep... READ MORE

Why is my nose so swollen and crooked 7,5 months post op rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I had septoplasty, turbinate reduction and rhinoplasty done 7,5 mo ago. I get comments all the time how bad my nose looks now. I now have obvious nasal asymmetry, crooked and... READ MORE

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Is 15% of 1 syringe Juvederm enough for the upper lip?

I had 15% of 1 cc of Juvederme injected in my upper lip 5 days ago. The doctor didn't want to inject more and as of today the lip looks completely the same size as before the... READ MORE

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Sorry about your experience. I'm going through the same. I had juvederm injected 6 weeks ago. Got hematoma under left eye. Had it dissolved but still look horrible. I can't model anymore as well. What was the amount of juvederm your... READ COMMENT