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Breast Implant Revision

21 May 2017, Created 4 months ago

Jeffrey Rockmore, MD

5 out of 5 stars

After ten happy years with Mentor breast implants I decided to consult my original surgeon, Dr. Rockmore, about a slightly smaller implant with improved cleavage appearance. In order to achieve this goal Dr Rockmore recommended a breast lift/augmentation with a Strattice Sling. The sling allows for more perfect placement and eliminating what I call, "The valley". The procedure was a complete... READ MORE

Dr. Rockmore Delivers Great Care and Wonderful Results - Albany, NY

In February of 2012 Dr. Rockmore performed my Tummy Tuck procedure.I delivered four children 14+ years ago and although none of these births were C-Section, the appearance of my abdomen was always a source of annoyance. In spite of a healthy diet and exercise, the tissue was loose and the muscles no longer tight. The result was really quite amazing. I can wear a bikini and although not... READ MORE