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Choosing the Right Surgeon - United Kingdom

I have wanted Rhinoplasty for a while, but can't decide on the right surgeon. My nose has a hump and the tip drops when I smile, and I don't feel confident smiling in profile, so I am saving for a nose op. I met with 2 who seemed good-but in different ways! The first surgeon is a specialist in rhinoplasties, has worked on ethnic noses like mine, and said I won't need... READ MORE

Absolutely Worth It! I Hated my Crooked Teeth for Years

I hated my crooked teeth for years. I had braces on the lower teeth as a teenager, but not the top for some reason, so at the age of 24 I decided to do something about it.I had my first braces fitted in may and I am nearing the end of my treatment-they come out in January. I am so pleased with the results. My smile has expanded and my teeth look straight. READ MORE

Questions from Sim

Bite Doesn't Feel Right with Temporary Veneers - Will I Have Same Problem with Permanents?

I've had 3 teeth prepped for Veneers- 2 baby teeth and a front incisor (which had a large composite on anyway due to root canal treatment. With the temporaries, my bite... READ MORE

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When I scrolled down to look at your pictures, I was expecting to see a disaster. Far from it. I saw an attractive girl! You're focusing too much on a percieved flaw. None of our noses are perfect after surgery. My nose is often... READ COMMENT

Hey Plastic.eggy, My result is fantastic! I'm soooo happy with my nose-best money I ever spent!! READ COMMENT

Yes, just try and be patient. I know it is hard, because you want your nose to be perfect, but give your body time to heal! I am sure your nose looks beautiful! Get away from that mirror, get yourself out there and be your liberated,... READ COMMENT

Hey adp, I was really panicked about the swelling on my nose too. The left side of my nose is still pretty swollen (I think that was the side he made the incision)....I've heard it can take a couple months for the swelling to... READ COMMENT

I know what you guys mean about the swelling on the tip....I had my rhinoplasty 8 days ago and my tip is so swollen :( READ COMMENT