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Reconstruction, Not Letting Me Put the Past Date It Was Actually Done, on 12/19/14. Miami, FL

I had surgery to remove a bad filler that ended up permanent. I had beautiful almond eyes that were destroyed. It's still black n blue but what I can see is the shape and he gave me back my almond eyes, I love the shape. He answers every email promptly and if there is anything that I notice might bother me as its clearing up he says we can fix it. He's super nice and I feel like he realizes... READ MORE

Amazing Office and Dr.! - Los Angeles, CA

I went to this office from out of town and from the moment I called and spoke with Faith, she was there for me! They go above and beyond for their patients! Really good people in this world of sharks! They really care for their patients! I haven't decided what to do yet but they even followed up after I got home and sent me the name of a Dr. I need to see for something this Dr. found. Wish all... READ MORE

Dr. Digeronimo, Be Very Very Careful - Aventura, FL

About five plus years ago the Dr. Decided to put a material called evolence under my eyes. Without my knowledge that it wasn't supposed to be put there, he did. He told me the only way to fix it was to do a blepheroplasty. It messed up my looks and my eyes, finally I let him try to fix it and it is like I'm living a nightmare. One eye is big, and pulling down. My eyes constantly tear to the... READ MORE

Evolence Ruined my Life !

I was injected with this product j drr my eyes give years ago. Dr. Said it was cheaper and good . It right away left two bumps under each eye. Dr tried everything. Finally he said we should do a mini eye lift as that should get rid of the marks. I used to model makeup with my eyes. I didn't want them changed but Unfortunatly it did . On one side the mark appeared less. On the other still there... READ MORE

Questions from Andipanda

Can Evolence Under Eyes Be Surgically Removed?

I had evolence injected a few years ago that left marks under each eye. Dr. Tried everything finally tried a mini eye lift . Worked on one but hollowed my eyes a week ago he... READ MORE

Can Someone Excise This Successfully ?

Evolence injected 5 years ago under my eyes left marks.. Dr. did eye lift to get rid of it, I look older. he just injected fat back, the evolence formed hard ropes that were... READ MORE

Does Anyone Know of One of the Best Occuloplastic and Facial Reconstruction Surgeons in South Florida? (photo)

Had evolence injected under eyes 4-5 yrs ago. It left marks, Dr. Did bleph to fix but changed my eyes. Marks still there, he tried to inject fat to fix under eyes. The evolence... READ MORE

I think I need orbital rom implants, how do they hold up over time? (Photo)

I had a bad filler,(evolence), put under eyes five years ago. Three years ago the Dr. Said the only way to fix it was a bleph. It ruined my eyes, He tried to fix this again.its... READ MORE

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Left was before right is after same thing. Hole next to it READ COMMENT

Yes, they are except for a little pulling down where it seems something might have been taken out, or from something else that is causing it to be hollow. As far as that it seems like it's just a support issue. Yes it is fuller on one... READ COMMENT

Nothing of the nodules that Are sticking out and yellow I mean we're removed or look like they were removed. Those still look like they are there):( READ COMMENT

That picture was before surgery READ COMMENT

He did refund me but I had to go to an occuloplastic surgeon to get the filler out. Dr. Di geronimo actually did eye surgery and said that would take the filler out. Well it never did and he changed and hollowed my eyes. I just went to... READ COMMENT