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Hematoma I Think, 1 Month Post-op - What's Next Step? (photo)

1 wk post-op (Lift/implant exchange) the left breast was larger/firmer, 2 ultrasounds detected no blood. 3 wks post-op lots of bruising, still larger/firmer, Doc thinks it is a... READ MORE

Will Rippling Be Fixed with Larger Implants?

I had bad rippling, had a lift and implant exchange, went just 15cc's smaller so same size pretty much. Now still have minor rippling, doc says going to a larger implant may... READ MORE

Left breast is larger, harder 1 month post-op, is it a hematoma or capsular contracture? (photo)

Left breast is larger, harder 1 month post-op, doc thinks it was a hematoma that ultrasounds didn't pick up on.... READ MORE

Should I Move my Implants to Below the Muscle? (photo)

I have rippling on the inside and bottom... not at the top. would moving to under the muscle help? I know that the muscle would cover some but not all the implant but when see... READ MORE

Have Rippling, Cant Move Implants Under Muscle I Don't Think? (photo)

In 2006 had under the muscle (saline 350), then in 2010 I had silicone over the muscles put in (450), they looked great but after a baby in dec 2011 they had rippling and... READ MORE

Which Natrelle Product is Right for Me - SSF435 or SRF435? SRX 415 or SRX465?

I have Inspira SSF435 above the muscle and have rippling. Would the Inspira SRF435 be a better option if I dont care about firmness? Or what about the SRX 415 or 465 - what... READ MORE