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Botox, Dysport, Love Em Both, Pros/cons for Both

First time with dsport in my forehead, it "took" in 24 hours, instead of with botox, which typically takes 7 days to fully kick in. I got a few more nits added to my glabella (always have to, even with botox) and it still hasn't completely taken motion from that area.Supposedly, dysport lasts a month longer than botox. I haven't had dysport longer than 2 months, so READ MORE

I LOVE Latisse. Talk About Drama for Your Eye! - Kansas City, MO

They are so long they look like extensions! No cons. I will never stop using! READ MORE

Micros Have No Corrective Abbilities Whatsoever

They are an exfoliant. They won't treat wrinkles, and are horrible for acne.If you are prone to broken caps, have rosacea, or thin skin in my opinion you should stick to peels. Good for maintaining good skin and for preventative measures to keep skin looking young and fresh, but not for everyone. And won't fix anything. READ MORE

Ipl for Sundamage Skin Was Porcelain After One!

First one is snappy and hot. Uncomfortable. Now when I get them its a breeze. Seriously.The first one got most of my sundamage. My caps on my nose are stubborn but my skin looks so great I'm not upset about that at all. Truly amazing.Your skin can look horrible a couple weeks after so do it a few months before a big event. The pigment "peppers" or gets darker before crusting up... READ MORE

Didnt Last As Long but Thats Fine! - Kansas City, MO

I like juvederm better than restylane because it seems to last longer. Perlane is still my go-to for lip aug, though. Lasts longer!For first-timers, always start with juvederm or restylane! Did a block with juvederm and I was swollen for two weeks so I suggest talking to your injector about adding the lido to the product instead! Works great! READ MORE

Botox is Addicting!

I don't pay for my injections because this is the field I'm in but completely unbiased and won't do procedures I don't like.I don't use botox around the eyes. In photos it looks like I'm fake smiling (not genuine) but glabella and forehead are sooo worth it! I'm 27 and the preventative advantages of starting young are too important! Plus, if its done correctly you get a mini brow lift out of... READ MORE

Recent comments from estheticjunkie

Ihave had juvederm and perlane in my lips. I am so pleased with the perlane! It looks wonderful! I always have to remind myself that the swelling goes down. I will never do a block again because I was swollen for 2 weeks in my lower... READ COMMENT