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Could ULTHERAPY Follow-up Maintenance Visits Cost About $1,000 Every Year?

Generally, it seems that a full effect from the initial visit takes 3 months and that the effect may last one year. Afterwards, yearly maintenance visits are highly likely.... READ MORE

Should I Use a Sulcabrush Each Time That I Regularly Brush my Teeth?

The hygienist was not clear about this. I go for perio maintenance visits every 3 months to maintain gum pocket health. READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Maintain Dental Hygiene Following a Noon Time Sandwich?

Really now, should I make the effort to brush my teeth in the office mens room? What else can you suggest? READ MORE

What Are the Major Differences Between LANAP and Waterlaser MD?

My goal as a patient is to reduce sulcus depth. No dentist will recommend either procedure if he does not have the equipment to begin with. Thanks. READ MORE

How Many Millimeters Can a Sulcabrush's Bristles Go Under the Tooth Gum Line to Clean the Sulcus?

My periodontists cares for what is left in my mouth. Besides deep cleanings every 3 months, regular brushing and using the sulcabruch, what else is there for me OR the dentist... READ MORE

DDS: Just How Successful is Periodontal Pocket Reduction Flap Sugery?

I know that the primary goal is to reduce bacteria build up leading to gum, bone and tooth loss. But, does it really work? Is there real gingival re-attachment? How long for... READ MORE

DDS: Should I Get a Full Mouth X-ray Series (12+) or Will One 3D CT Be Equally Good?

This is mostly for general dentistry needs . Have a few missing teeth maybe for implants. insurance will pay for one or the other. Which to get--need to choose now. READ MORE

Can Ultherapy or Even a Traditional Facelift Result in a Healed but UNEVEN Facial Expression?

I know the story---It would not necessarily happen with a highly skilled plastic surgeon. READ MORE

What is the Next Best Alternative for a Full Facelift for an Adult?

Cannot have incisions in hairline due to lack of hair. Therefore, am cautious of even an endoscopic operation. Great health, otherwise. READ MORE

How Can I Find out How Many Dental Implants a Dentist Has Done?

I spoke to my own and called around. Each one literally said to me the same, "I have done hundreds". This is not possible. Any advice? READ MORE

Can I Get Rid of my Pointed Nose Shape Without Post Injection Nodules?

Is there anything FDA approved for this part of the body? No rhinoplasty desired. READ MORE

My Periodontist Did Not Want to Rebuild the Molar's Bony Buccal Wall. Why?

Had a gum abscess. He did flap surgery and at that time decided to remove the tooth. It was solid in place. Maybe an extraction trauma occured and the wall plate broke? Of... READ MORE

I Want to Get Rid of Horizontal Forehead Crease Lines Without Scars Since I Have a High Hairline. How?

Do not want endoscopic approach since there still will be scars (though less vs. full coronal lift) that will show. Botox is so temporary, expensive and need it forever.... READ MORE

Would a Plastic Surgeon Ever Do a Non-surgical Procedure?

For instance, injection into the nasal folds to smooth out the appearance of a pointed nose? READ MORE

I Hear That There Are Plastic Surgeons That Specialize in Revision Rhinoplasties. Where Are They?

How do you actually locate one that also focuses heavily on revision? I do not want to be mislead. READ MORE

How Would a Facial Plastic Surgeon Be Able to Avoid Long Incisions Across the Forehead of a Balding Person?

The goal is to tighten cheek skin slightly and to rid forehead lines noticeable when at rest. Incisions equal scarring and long term redness at the surgical site of someone... READ MORE

Tell Me What Face Lift Will Adhere the Underlying Muscle Without Being a Full Traditional Lift?

Is there a mid face lift, upper face lift, lower face lift? Ultherapy does not take care of muscle positioning--just the outer layers of the skin? READ MORE

I Hear 90% of Procedures Fail in Their Attempt for the Best Facial Effect Since Most Do Not Affect the Underlying Muscles. True?

What non-surgical procedures properly reposition facial muscles without the need for scapel use? Does a medium ablative facial peel get to the muscle level? There appear to be... READ MORE

Can Ulthera Result in Noticeable Volume Loss in Cheeks?

This would present a big problem for me. What I would like is a slight lift to my face without the volume loss. Adult:65. READ MORE

What Kinds of Facial Chemical Peels Are Available Via a Dermatologist?

I do not think I would want a 30% peel. Photos of people and downtime have put me on guard. I recently considered a fractional laser but do not want the week of downtime. READ MORE

Does There Have to Be Long Incisions on the Forehead for a Facelift?

Can there just be tiny round puncture holes endoscopically on the forehead? I just need/want minimal tightening on the SMAS muscle level. Never want forehead incisions due to... READ MORE

A Traditional Facelift Completely Removes the Skin off a Person's Face?

The skin is lifted off the face and repositioned, etc., and in the end is sutured together. So, there would be a scar completely around the face. Is this right? READ MORE

Are these results of Ultherapy really true?

I was very interested until a plastic surgeon made a statement online (not Realself & without photos to go by) that, "the problem with Ultherapy is that the energy is NOT... READ MORE

Ulthera: Does some skin aging become "suspended in time" starting 3 months after the procedure?

Let's say that Ultherapy lasts for 2 years and the benefits are acceptable to the patient. After 2 years time when Ulthera benefits end, will a full 2 years of wrinkles, etc.,... READ MORE

What is the approximate cost of Ultherapy in the Miami area for 2013?

Prices vary from office to office and it is difficult to locate a preeminent doctor's office since websites each applaud themselves. The non-MD technician's expertise who will... READ MORE

Ultherapy procedure: Are there doctor office payment plans available without using a credit card?

Dentists offices may have CareCredit available for patients. What about a dermatologists office where the uncovered insurance cost is in the thousands of dollars? READ MORE

Would a plastic surgeon ever have Ultherapy in his/her tool box?

The way I see it, the answer is no. Surgeon's do surgery. Am I right at least 90% of the way? READ MORE

What could happen if I do not have dental gum grafting performed?

A periodontist said that I needed grafting done across all lower front teeth and one canine tooth. He is very experienced and I was referred by a prosthodontist I see. I do not... READ MORE

Can a filler to correct prominent nasal folds result in an asymetrical unsmoothed look?

Facial skin enhancement: Fillers seem to last a long time and because of this if a filler shows an uneven lumpy effect it would not be a good thing to happen. Age: 60. READ MORE

Can bonding done to close a tooth's black triangle always produce a ledge that later results in a cavity?

I'd like to have composite resin fill-in front teeth triangle spaces at/near the gumline. I do not want crowns nor veneers and I am happy with the color of my teeth. People... READ MORE

Is there a prescription facial firming gel for men?

Not looking to have a shiny look after it dries. The idea is to mask some fine lines. READ MORE

Next week, I am having alloderm gum tissue grafting for gum recession. How will this first experience be?

My concern is that the dentist will find that my remaining gum tissue will be too thin and that he will tell me that it will not hold the alloderm under the existing gumline... READ MORE

Nasolabial folds fillers: What are the downsides in having these injections?

Can the filler form an unsightly beaded pattern under the skin that may not go away ? Also, if too much filler is added to one side, can it be injected with another substance... READ MORE

Will my enlarged gum graft shrink in size to fit my tooth properly? If not, what can be done?

I am 1 week post op from an subepithelial connective tissue graft (SCTG). My dentist is on vacation til next week when I have my follow-up. The graft on my canine is swollen... READ MORE

Which dental implant needs only a gum tissue hole or punch rather than an incision across the gum line?

Need 2 lower left implants but I wish the least amount of tissue cut. Tissue cutting and suturing usually means extra post op pain just like in gum tissue grafting. That has hurt! READ MORE

Two (side-by-side) dental implants anywhere in the mouth means that you have to eat meals on the other side for about 3 months?

Osseointegration usually takes about 3 months. Since it is important not to disturb the bone graft site, it would mean not eating even a soft sandwich for 3 months, right? By... READ MORE

Do chemical peels usually result in bleeding on the facial skin?

Problem: age related skin wrinkling. What type of peel (by name) will typically not leave a person with a scary welting appearance? READ MORE

Does a dental implant and crown need to have the same manufacturer when installed at the dentists office?

My dental implant surgeon uses a Strau--n and a Bio--i implant system. My restorative general dentist (at a different location) said that I should get a Strau--n implant but... READ MORE

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Can You Name Me a Few Preeminent Miami Based Cosmetic Facial Plastic Surgeons?

Who would be the ones that physician's themselves would go to based word of mouth. Who do you think of when asked the question? My goal here leans in the direction of facial... READ MORE

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