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Inner/outer thighs, knees and arms followed by upper/lower abs, waist and flanks. - Mountain View, CA

I have genetically, disproportionately large tree-stump shaped thighs and I hate them. By the time I find pants to fit my thighs, they are a foot too long in the leg, or inches too long in the seat/rise, and huge around the waist. I hate the way they look and I hate having so much dead weight there. Apparently, it's genetically where I'm doomed to store my weight, especially since having... READ MORE

My Freckles Literally Fell off After IPL Treatments. Rosacea Redness is 75% Improved - San Jose, CA

A previous doctor told me I wasn't a candidate for any laser Rosacea treatments until the flare ups were under control. But, they never seemed to be under control, so I moved on to another doctor who was able to get my Rosacea to go into remission. While we were treating the rosacea, I asked her about IPL and she said I was definitely a candidate to do it. Her position was that my flare ups... READ MORE

Suffered with Type I and Type II Rosacea for 20 Years - San Jose, CA

I have been suffering with type I rosacea for at least 20 years, and type II for around 15 years. I had the classic red mask for so long that I didn't even know I could look "normal." But, as time went on, the standard MetroGel, Finacea and antibiotic treatment just didn't control it. My persistent rosacea progressed and I developed large bumps that would come and go. When they were present,... READ MORE

Smashed into a 36FF, down to a D. - San Jose, CA

I'm one month from turning 39 and am currently cramming myself into 36FF bras. I've been as high as 36I and I've come to hate them. I try to look at them as what "other women" pay thousands of dollars to try to get, or so I've been told by men who think "I'm out of my mind for REDUCING them." But, enough is enough. Other women are NOT paying thousands of dollars to have to buy bras... READ MORE

Questions from CaliKMP

Elevated Liver Values and Breast Reduction?

My pre-op blood work came back normal, except for elevated liver enzymes. My primary care and the plastic surgeon both independently suggest this isn't something to be... READ MORE

Air in Chest After Breast Reduction?

I'm post-op Day 4 for a BR. Above my left breast, there is an area that is very tender and hard. It feels like an implant is in there. Of course it's not. Could there be free... READ MORE

Does Arnica Really Work for the Bruising After Tumescent Liposuction?

I've seen reviews online and heard from a few people that Arnica can have a significant effect on bruising after liposuction. My inner thighs are very purple, but the other... READ MORE

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Just read your latest post. I'm encouraged by your thoughts on the bigger band size. I'm in the same boat, having gone from 36FF+ to 38DD, and hoping that the DD still settles down to a D over coming months. I'm stuck on that. I've been... READ COMMENT

How's your recovery going? Are you happy with the results? READ COMMENT

Hi Ladies, I haven't been on here in months. I hope everyone's recover is going well! I remember we had lots of discussions about scar creams, but it's not easy to wade through that here. Can you all recommend scar creams you think... READ COMMENT

What scar cream are you using? I'm 5 1/2 months now, and I'd like more progress on the scars (see updated photos). The silicone-based stuff my PS recommended is sooooo sticky! But, he really thinks it'll make a difference. I guess I... READ COMMENT

Thanks! I'm pretty late acknowledging this. Sorry! Just got back to checking this blog again. READ COMMENT