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Dear chris I say u are doing things very well Ca is alot more open so you are lucky Talk with close friends first they will be hestant at first but they would be more accepting then parents at first As for parents that is tough even for... READ COMMENT

I have found a few people who do understand and I am on my first appointment at The Mccafrery center And going for counciling to see if I can get more help to becomming my true self I have taken my BEM Test I measure higher then u did... READ COMMENT

I need help finding A doctor in Ohio READ COMMENT

Dear Tayna, I am transgender MTF I kinda felt like I was female since 5 yrs old I was in school teased very badly by girls and Beat up by guys I tried to fit in but by 6th grade I even had a boy tramatize me by switching the Boys pass... READ COMMENT