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Why did I wait so long to do this? BIKINI is nolonger a

Honestly, deposit has been paid, yet I am still feeling quite removed from the reality of it all. I have dreamed of this moment for what seems an eternity; never having had the "ideal" breasts ( in my eyes). As a teenager I was endowed with a handsome chest. Soon after giving birth to my first child, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease. A complication which only worsened following the arrival... READ MORE

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Hey Sister! I was thinking about you lat night, remembering what we were going to do a year ago today! I am pretty much in the same boat as you, my right side being my nemesis! Still can not do many exercises at the gym and the muscles... READ COMMENT

Hi Sis! Doing better, the right side has FINALLY relaxed & dropped. Still have "morning" boob from time to time. How about are you doing?! To be perfectly honest; I wish I had gone smaller...I wanted 275 CC max 300. The Dr... READ COMMENT

I agree with you 100%. I completely underestimated the gravity of this procedure! I neglected to respect the healing time necessary & wishing I had a lower pain thresh hold! ; ) I will keep you posted...take care Sis xoxo READ COMMENT

Sadly, no...I work for a golf course/wine bar/reception hall. Summer is HUGE around here; seeing that I am in charge of all that is bar related(inventory, purchasing, etc) I am working long days. My right side still "feels" not quite... READ COMMENT

Hey there! Been SUPER crazy busy, 65 hour work weeks! I was not even able to go to my 6 month check up, he no longer works on Fridays... hope all is well with you! : ) READ COMMENT