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Please, please do yourself a favor and don't stress it! I am so jealous looking at your pics and would trade places with you in a heart beat!! For some stupid reason I believed my ps when he said I would be fine with the donut lift and... READ COMMENT

I had my 2 week post-op check yesterday (was actually 2 weeks last Monday). He took off the tape covering my scars and advise I go by the pre-cut silicone sheeting. Says the store brand at Walgreens/CVS is just as good as any name brand... READ COMMENT

My doc put me in the Intuition Post Op bra (here the link ) It is very comfortable and was designed by 2 women who were going through the process and understood what was needed. I only got one from my doc so I... READ COMMENT

It sounds as though we have a lot in common (as do a lot of us on this board)! I am staring at the big 4-5 coming up quickly and for some reason had always said if I didn't do it (surgery) by then, I never would. For a little history, I... READ COMMENT

I did a lot of research on vitamins, minerals and general diet to aid in healing and followed it to the best of my ablity for the 4 weeks prior (I had BA/Lift 11 days ago). So far I am recovering beautifully but am probably the most... READ COMMENT