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Will a Dentist Bond a Lower Front Tooth Black Triangle? (photo)

I've posted a picture of my black triangle between the lower later and incisor. I have a small black triangle that was created from a spring retainer and an orthodontist using... READ MORE

Do Cosmetic Dentist Usually Make Their Own Teeth Design for Veneers or Rely on a Ceramist to Mock Up?

Wondering if a dentist does the mock up of a case himself or does he send it out for a ceramist to mock up? I'm asking because doesn't a ceramist do more studying in terms of... READ MORE

Pressed or Feldspathic Veneers/crowns?

I have a zirconia implant abutment on one of my incisors and am getting veneers on the front 2 and opposite incisor. Is it possible to have feldspathic veneers and crowns or do... READ MORE

Are There Additional Costs Other Than the Cost for Veneers and Crowns?

A previous dentist charged me $2400 a tooth in NYC (4 teeth). Now I am having the work done in a smaller market he is charging me $400 to design the case, $400 per temp, $2000... READ MORE

Who do I see for scar from angular chelitis - cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon? (before)

I cut my lip from flossing and it ended up being something similar to angular chelitis. I saw a dermatologist that gave me some steriod / anti fungal cream. Now I have a small... READ MORE

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That's a bummer! Did you express your feelings to your dentist? Did the temps look like the veneers you have in your mouth? Did you have a chance to see them in your mouth prior to getting cemented? Why did you stick with this dentist... READ COMMENT

I've written letters to two different dentist on my cosmetic cases before and it didn't do much. I've read about having a peer review done with your dental association. Someone else I know had a lawyer call their dentist and they got a... READ COMMENT

Sorry for hijacking your thread Mayo377 READ COMMENT

I am so sorry you've had to go through this process. The cosmetic dental industry is suppose to help your self-esteem not hurt it. It pains me to read stories like this because I know first hand what it's like to go through something... READ COMMENT

Cavesina - how are you going about looking for your cosmetic dentist? What is it that is wrong with your teeth? Just crooked? Are they stained? Do you have implants or anything in particular that is making the dental case harder than it... READ COMMENT