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Thanks for sharing your story! Sorry to hear that the surgery had to be delayed but it's important to be healthy for the operation. I am now at Day 22 Post Op and I still have anxieties about my nose... I tend to dwell about every minor... READ COMMENT

Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I am now at Day 22 Post Op and I still find myself obsessing and dwelling over little changes in swelling, shape, size, etc. I know that time is on my side, and each day will bring about... READ COMMENT

It'll be great! :) Don't worry too much or over think it. I am now at "day 22" and still find myself obsessing over changes and I realize it's not helpful to do that. I just need to keep busy with other things in my life and not focus,... READ COMMENT

Hi! I saw your story pop up on the right side and I thought I'd send you a comment since I relied on this site so much to get reassurance that what I was doing was the right thing. Like you, I always wanted to get my nose corrected,... READ COMMENT

Hi! How are things going with you? Thanks for your last update. You are many weeks now post-op. Has the swelling gone down? Any other changes? I am now at day 5 post-op and finally coming around now. I had my hump removed from my bridge... READ COMMENT