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He didn't put a needle in, just tapped around and decided he was going to try to have the seroma absorb naturally. But I imagine it isn't a small needle, so leakage seems normal. I wouldn't worrry about it unless it looks red and... READ COMMENT

I also had the same surgery on Nov. 2, and have had almost exactly the same experience as you. I felt good, so I guess I did too much. The doc didn't yell but was disappointed with me for sure. Super swollen. Although I do have some... READ COMMENT

I am 18 days post op and bizarrely swollen. The ps even seems baffled. I also have padding stuffed in my cg. Also, taking ibuprofen 3 times a day and icing my belly. I didn't look pregnant this morning, so that's a plus. Also,... READ COMMENT

Our husbands must be related. Here is my opinion, at lest for me, wearing a bikini is such a small part of one's life. Think about how much better you look in your clothes. Think about how you skin isn't hanging. Think about how... READ COMMENT

I wear gauze over my ointment. READ COMMENT