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Not yet. Just adding Rosehip oil to my bath water at this stage in the hope of keeping my skin soft. Can not believe how much my skin is flaking. READ COMMENT

Ha ha just laughing at the way I spelt tumor. On dear It's been a long day! READ COMMENT

Hi ladies Hope your all healing well. I am now just over three weeks and back at work. All going well, still very bruised and swollen but not as bad as last week. As of ten minutes ago, I am tape free. Feels weird!! Scars are looking... READ COMMENT

Blimmy, sounds like you have been through the mill. I had a hysterectomy seven years ago, so feel for you having both operation so close. MarktoD-I am not sure if I had lipo. Had a tuma removed aswell so asked more about that at my... READ COMMENT

I must be a late bruiser/sweller. Almost three weeks and mine are black and blue and swollen as heck. Ouch!! I called into a bra shop yesterday, in the hope of finding support for a strapless dress (friends birthday, next weekend). The... READ COMMENT