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Lymphadema After Chin Lipo & Buccal Fat? Will vShape help? (photo)

5 years after SmartLipo & lymphadema lumpy look still persists under my chin w/STILL a double-chin look, w/buccal fat that runs & blends into it making face still look... READ MORE

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I hope the consult with Dr. John went well. You could ask him about a palate expander such as an ALF appliance, DNA appliance, BioBlock or something like those. How are the exercises going. The NCR/FCR/EndoCranial cranial adjustments... READ COMMENT

I don't know why this machine never made it to anywhere in the West. Lots of them in Texas. Why Texas? Why didn't it never make it to anywhere in the West? Like the Inland Northwest? READ COMMENT

That's a nice list! I have to ask what kind of work do you do to afford all of this. I have a smaller list, and just coming up with the money is such a struggle. Have to hand to all you wonderful gals. I don't know how you all... READ COMMENT

Regarding skull shape, one can do Neurocranial restructuring (NCR) to reshape the head. Bones are put back into optimal position due to the adjustments and symmetry is improved. Regarding the skin and fat loss, nutrition for the skin... READ COMMENT

They did do a good job with your eye surgery. I will never ever get Ultherapy. The only thing I'm considering is a facial laser as in pro-fractional C02, such as a SmartSkin by Cyanosure, since there is a doctor in our area that has... READ COMMENT