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Liposonic or Coolsculpting?

Which is will give me a better result Liposonic or Coolscruplt? READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Cavi-Lipo and Liposonix? Which Provides Better Results?

I am trying to obtain a beach body for this upcoming 2013 summer. I am male 40yrs.. 5 11 185lbs and 35 waist. Most of weight is in my thighs and abs. READ MORE

I Am Getting Ready for Summer. Which Procedure is Better or Abs. Liposonix or Coolsculpting?

I am 5'11 185lbs 40yrs male 22% body fat. Carry most of fat mid section abs and thighs. Slim otherwise READ MORE

How many days will I need to take off work if I had smart-Lipo or Laser Lipo on my outter thighs and lower abs?

I am 5 11 180lbs 35wasit 41yor male. I am looking to tone up my both outter and inner thighs, and would like to see my abs. READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend; coolsculpting or liposonix, or Dr.'s recommendation for beer belly and saddle bags?

Hi, I am blk gay male 39yo... I want to know which procedure is more likely give me the desired results. Looking for a Beach Body... trying to loose my beer belly and saddle... READ MORE

I am a 42yo African American Male with dark circle under my eyes.

1How can I get rid of tgh3e dark circles under my eyes? 2. Is it possible to remove moles. I notice as I am getting older I have more moles growth on my face and neck. READ MORE

I am considering non invasive body treatments for my abs, flanks, and buttocks . What's better Vanquish vs Coolsculpting ?

I am a 42yo male 5'11 185lbs (36 waist because of my buttocks). I would like to get beach ready now. I cannot miss time from work. So I don't think lipo of any kind is an... READ MORE

I am a male 42yrs 5 11 185lbs and 36 waist. Which is better Sculpture, Vanquish or Cavi Lipo?

Most of weight is in my thighs and abs. What is the percentage range reduction amount should I expect to lose? READ MORE