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Radiesse = Lumps, Redness and a Bag...

Radiesse has been a nightmare. I had my under eye hollows filled 3 weeks ago and still look terrible. For the first 2 weeks I had 2 major black eyes and swelling. Now the brusing has settled down but the skin is still pink with whitish dots. Worst of all one eye looks like a bag underneath (which I didnt have bags before!) and the other eye is lumpy...I am massaging it and tried oral... READ MORE

Questions from Abby Dawn In MI

What to Do About Swelling and Lumps After Radiesse?

I had Radiesse injected into eye hollow area 3 weeks ago. At first, I looked like a monster with severely dark under eyes and I was swelling for the first two weeks. ... READ MORE

When Will Radiesse Dissipate?

I am currently experiencing a nightmare with Radiesse (see my other posts). I have read that at about 3 months the gel carrier dissipates (70%) which leaves only the 30% of the... READ MORE

Radiesse Removal Incision Method

Under my left eye is a white visible strip of Radiesse that looks like spaghetti noodle that's about an inch long. Should the incision for Radiesse removal be the full length... READ MORE

Saline Injection for Removing Radiesse?

Under my left eye is a white visible strip of Radiesse that looks like spaghetti noodle that's about an inch long. I read a about injecting saline into the area, can anyone... READ MORE

White Eyebags from Radiesse

I have white glowing bags under my eyes from Radiesse. Will it go away when Radiesse dissipates? It's very unnatural looking and cannot be covered with any makeup. READ MORE

Squeezed Chin Implant, Is Damage Permanent?

6 years ago i got a chin implant. it has shifted slightly and i went to a doctor a few days ago for a consultation . During the consultation he squeezed my chin somewhat hard.... READ MORE

Juvederm for Chin Enhancement?

I got a chin implant 6 years ago and seeking a bit more volume and symmetry. I had a terrible experience with radiesse so considering juvederm. How is juvederm for chin... READ MORE

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I am, it has been 4 months and I am still suffering READ COMMENT

To anyone who lives in South East- Michigan I will provide the name of my incompetant plastic surgeon so everyone knows who to avoid! READ COMMENT

I am going through the same thing but unfortuantly it is under both of my eyes. It has been 3 months and I still have a bag under one eye (which I didnt have before) and under the other eye a line on which is obviously the radiesse... READ COMMENT

Hi I have a similar problem with Radiesse. It was injected under my eyes 3 months ago and I have a peach-ish discoloration and a wird line under my eye..I have been told it is form the injections being too superficial and it can take... READ COMMENT

Hi Are you still experiencing a red bag under you eye. I want to know how much long my redness and lumpyness undermy eyes will last thanks READ COMMENT