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Thought I would update everyone, been 3.5 months, haven't had one day of back/neck pain since the surgery. Feel great even though my breasts still swell now and then and I am not fully "soft." Hope everyone is doing well and for those... READ COMMENT

I had no drains, and no surgical bra just a good (non-wire) bra for the first week or so and a sports bra after that. My PS said no lotion, oil or massaging until week 6 as it can lead to infection. I ended up a big C or small D bigger... READ COMMENT

Careful, polysporin can cause an allergic reaction in some folks. Also, my PS did not want mt to use any creams, lotions etc. on the breasts until he was certain all chance of infection had passed. The lotions etc. can trap bacteria and... READ COMMENT

I was only going to take a week off from work but realized at the start of week 2 post Op there was no way as I was still super fatigued. I took 2 weeks off and am glad I did. Everyone is different though. READ COMMENT

7 weeks here and for all those still waiting for BR or who are in the process of healing post-BR just want you all to know that things are pretty awesome at this stage. I still have some stiffness and swelling in my right breast but... READ COMMENT