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3 year Update! Post-explant of 12yr old saline overs and Capsular Contracture

I did a lengthy review under Breast Implants, so anyone interested in why an implanted woman like me would HateMyImplants, you can check out my other review. Here I am going to try to keep it to a review of Explantation. A little info: I'm 35, had implants 12 years. They are smooth, round, mentor saline implants. I believe they are 360cc 'overfilled' to 400cc. My incisions were... READ MORE

Think Twice - Madison, CT

I had sub glandular saline breast implants put in at age 23. I had always been small breasted (36A) and thought it would be a great boost to my figure and self esteem. The Dr assured me that implants were safe and wonderful. I asked to be made a B cup, and during the 'try on' in the office, it seemed about 250-300cc would work, but the Dr explained that he would choose the actual implant... READ MORE

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Mammography and Capsular Contracture? (photo)

I am 35 years old, 12 year old saline breast implants sub glandular placement. I have what seems to be a cystic mass under my areola of my Left breast. I also have III or IV... READ MORE

How Long Do I Have to Worry About Possible Seroma After Explant of Breast Implants?

I am having my saline breast implants removed without replacement. This will be a simple removal, no lift or capsulectomy/capsulotomy. I inquired about having a capsulectomy,... READ MORE

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Hi there! Like you, I had older saline implants. At first I was dead set on getting a capsulectomy. When I found a surgeon I trusted/liked, I was surprised that he didn't think capsulectomy was necessary, or could even cause a bad... READ COMMENT

Also, you've got to lean over/forward when you put on your bra - this will get all the tissue that wants to squish out the sides into your bra. READ COMMENT

Yeah, "armpit fat" was a result of wrong style/size bra for me. You may wear a smaller band size /larger cup size. I have wide breast base but not much projection, my solution was going with "minimizer" bra style (so I could get wider... READ COMMENT

Yes Hun, I had that. I'm 3 years post explant. Mine weren't quite as big (around 400cc) but were saline overs, and I had them a long time. I had horrible concave in the tissue, I guess pressure from the implants squishes the real... READ COMMENT

Don't know if you are familiar with Voda swimwear, but if you haven't tried one you should check it out. Also, I really enjoyed and appreciated your entire review. I opted to not lift, and I am 3 years explant, overall very happy but... READ COMMENT