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Face Sag and No Dimention (And Who Knows What Else) at Age 23? (photo)

The ortho says I have borderline vertical maxillary excess, but that he doesn't recommend a corrective surgery via max fax surgeon since it is so slight, he didn't really list... READ MORE

What are the facts of NCR?(NeuroCranial restructuring) Can it help the structure of the face where ortho and surgery fail to go?

Ok I've heard a few things with the procedure known as (NCR) or NeuroCranial Restructuring. I also know there's a law which allows chiropractors to perform this. Besides... READ MORE

I'm 26, I've been seeing the signs of premature aging.Drooping skin & no collagen. I have adult acne, & weak bones. Suggestion?

What actual surgeries (not temp fillers) can you guys do to actually fix a 26 year old with collagen loss in face and lips and loose skin? What could I do on my own that could... READ MORE

What permanent procedures can be done to fix my face? How much can it cost? (Photo)

What things can be done that can fix this tragically plain looking girl? I've noticed the face has no definition, eyes look small squinty, large nose small mouth (and getting... READ MORE

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I'm not sure, I'm still waiting to hear from anyone with my cosmetic issues as well. I've gone to allexperts to get faster answers READ COMMENT

Well I do know with the surgery you will loose weight in the face, and your skin would droop more. Unfortunately, the surgery will correct only part of the problem. I'm thinking of getting this, since I have a long distance as well and... READ COMMENT

You have what people call a pear shaped face, where the bone is bigger and the fat more easily collects. It's not just the fat, the fat is necessary dear, but it's the bone that the trouble. READ COMMENT