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If they deny you again, try getting a cervical xray done. My PCP suggested an xray to appease insurance. (I didn't have the documentation bc I never complained - I knew why I had pain! I am a therapist so I have been doing my own... READ COMMENT

Small world :) How did she like him? I am doing great! I am 2 weeks post op and have been back to work for a week. I'm shocked at how quiclky we really do feel better. I have been headache and neck/back pain free for two weeks!! ... READ COMMENT

Sorry about all the typos. I really shouldn't try to comment on my phone. I'm a terrible texter!! READ COMMENT

I am so sorry to hear about your throat!! I'm sure after 2 days of antibiotics you will be good to go. I was worried about that happening to me (I work with elementary and preschool kids) and asked about it at my pre-op physical. The... READ COMMENT

HI! I just read your post :) Good luck! I am 9 days post op and feel great. I wanted to let you know. . . my surgery took just under 2 hours and I did not have drains. I think some surgeons just do this surgery more regularly and... READ COMMENT