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Liposuction Revision

6 Jun 2017, Created 19 days ago

Thomas Su, MD

5 out of 5 stars

I just had my celebrity arms done last week and so far I am very happy with the results. Dr. Su really worked hard on my case and I was a revision patient and I presented with a lot of scar tissue from prior surgeries. I was looking for a much more slender and defined look to my arms and that is what I saw when he was finished. I am also older than most of his other patients but I still came... READ MORE

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Where did it say she had loose skin? READ COMMENT

Yes, 4 weeks out is still very early post op. But of course to the person who is 30 days out you need to look like a princess by now, lol. The first picture you posted before your swelling set in is how you will look when the swelling... READ COMMENT

I went to Dr. Su too!! READ COMMENT

I just had my arms done on the 31st of May. I am still wearing the garment and can't wait to be done with. I had a little bruising and a little of swelling at the elbow. Lynette said that was normal. You look awesome. Did you do a... READ COMMENT

I merely wanted to know what procedure she asked and paid for. She said that she didn't ask for this surgery, so what surgery did she ask for? I feel for her that she doesn't like her results but it is important to note that this is... READ COMMENT