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Heavy eyelids/Drooping/Botox?

I got 30 units of Botox 3 weeks ago. My eyelids are not drooping (I have had that before). However, they look a little heavy and tired and not the refreshed look with the brow... READ MORE

Eyelid drooping after 30 units?

I recv'd 30 units on the 15th and have a slight eyelid drooping and was wonderign if I get injections for a brow lift will this help? READ MORE

Eyebrow lift with Botox?

Where is the correct location to inject Botox for a nice eyebrow lift? I hear so many different answers from people pn this and would love to know from a true professional the... READ MORE

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Wow, you sound like a horrible person. Hopefully your God can teach you to be nicer to people. READ COMMENT

That's not cool Becky1946. If Botox makes someone feel better about themselves then who are you to judge. I'm assuming you don't drink, smoke, eat meat, eat dairy, live in the mountains where the air is pure....don't place judgement on... READ COMMENT

I have had the same problem in the past. I will NEVER let anyone give me more than 25 units, they always say I need more and I tell them then I will come back after 2 weeks to see if I do. It will get better and go back to normal, I... READ COMMENT

Love your post...I lived in Corona my whole life before moving to Austin, TX. I have had the same problem out here in Texasland...us vein girls gotta stick together....Lol! I'm tired of these chicks not injecting correctly and we suffer. READ COMMENT

It will get better. I did not use drops and after 3 months it went back to normal. I went to a different plastic surgeons office a few months ago and got Botox again with a lift on my eyebrows with the Botox and looks great. It will get... READ COMMENT