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I've been using sea water nasal spray the last couple of days and its really helping to heal my nose. If you can't get that get a syring and make warm salt water to squirt up your nose then lightly blow your nose. Wish I had known about... READ COMMENT

I couldn't breath either for a few days that's soon gets better though. Hopefully your swelling will start to go down in a day or two. i had my strapping off today, nose is a bit swollen still and bruised but looks so go. Septoplasty... READ COMMENT

Hi glad your op went well. I heard sea salt water nose spray is suppose to be really good for cleaning your nose, I'm off to buy some today. READ COMMENT

Hey good luck with your op. get some arnica pills and lip balm for your recovery. I had my op 3 days ago and would say its well worth it. It's doesn't hurt just uncomfortable. Can't wait for the plaster to come off. READ COMMENT

Hi good luck with your op! I had mine 3 days ago and it's well worth it! It's doesn't hurt it's more uncomfortable really. Get some arnica pills for the swelling and bruising and really good lip balm. I was lucky and didn't bruise too... READ COMMENT