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Will Ibuprophen Use Ruin Thermage Results?

I had Thermage done on my legs and buttocks about 1 week ago. I was not told anything about not taking anti-inflammatory medications afterward. I take ibuprophen almost daily... READ MORE

Spanx/support Wear After Thermage for Legs and Buttocks?

After I had thermage done on my buttocks and the back/sides of my upper-thighs, I was told to try to wear Spanx for 3 weeks, but if I didn't want to wear it to certain... READ MORE

Candidate for Coolsculpting on Thighs? (photo)

I had coolsculpting done on my "saddlebags" and "lovehandles" about a month ago, and I am curious if I could be a candidate for coolsculpting on my inner thighs and below my... READ MORE

Will Coolsculpting on the Lovehandles And/or Stomach Work for Me? (photo)

Do I have enough fat in the "lovehandle" and/or stomach area to benefit from coolsculpting? Would it be more beneficial to put the device closer to my back rather than on the... READ MORE

Thermage for Cellulite (In my Late 20's)? (photo)

I called a cosmetic surgeon's office inquiring about cellulite treatment, and they recommended Thermage for my upper-thighs/buttocks area. I am at a healthy weight but do seem... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Exercise 5 Days After Laser Spider Vein Removal?

I usually do 1-hour cardio workouts and go out dancing a few times a week. I finally got into a routine and don't want to get too much off track. Can I do this 5 days after... READ MORE

Tanning Salon After Laser Vein Treatment?

I recently got laser treatment for the spider veins on my legs. They recommended that I stay out of the sun for "at least a week or two", which seems very broad to me. I like... READ MORE