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How do you say "thank you"

I have two doctors, my primary who referred me for reduction and my plastic surgeron. My primary is a female so i hand made her a thank you card for being a caring doctor. I... READ MORE

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So ,,,,taking a bath really meant that i got to sit in the tub with about 3 inches of water. I had to keep my surgical bra and bandages dry. READ COMMENT

Congrats BrinWi, ur time will come before you know it. Reading this forum there is sooo much info, but the overwhelming common thread is everyone seems happy that they did it because the outcome is amazing. Keep us posted with your surgery. READ COMMENT

Don't shower take a bath. I did not get to shower for the first 2 weeks. i live where it is very hot, so i had to stay insde where it was cool so that no moisture/infection possible for my incisions. Dressing was changed by the doctors... READ COMMENT

As my plastic surgeon said, everyone will notice but nobody will say anything! You will look like you've lost weight because your waist line will be more visible. Just don't say anything. The flip side is, if one of girls on my job had... READ COMMENT

Hey E34h, just remember to do as the doctor says. When i first got home to get a drink liquids i used a slurpy straw. Don't reach for anything. I told my son i have now mastered the art of doing nothing. In the first few weeks i... READ COMMENT