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36 Years Old, 3 Deliveries - Folsom, CA

I have not yet had surgery with Dr. Clark but I had a consultation for a Bbl. She is very sweet and knowledgeable. She spent a short amount of getting to know me and asking about expectations. She ultimately recommended a tummy tuck at the same time as my Bbl to give me a better overall look. I wasn't too surprised but I was concerned with the recovery. She said it was not going to be... READ MORE

Questions from luv2bebalanced

I want a BBL, but some PS say I need a TT as well. Do I need both for good results? What about sagging skin? (photo)

I am 36yrs old, 3 deliveries. I am 5f tall and 127lbs. I do not like the fat around my waist, love handles, and there is also a fatty pad above my tail bone that could maybe... READ MORE

What makes a PS experienced with BBL?

I have seen several PS for consultations. One has only did 4 Bbl surgeries and a second PS does about 24 per year for the past 3 years. Then there is a PS that does 200 per... READ MORE

Are fat transfer to your face similar in technique to fat transfer to buttocks?

Met with a doctor that has done many fat transfer to the face and breast. She has only limited experience with fat transfer to the buttocks. She has done in about 4 times.... READ MORE

Will 400-500 cc make a difference in my butt shape? (photos)

I went to a consult today and the PS told me that I had some soft fat on my lower belly that doesn't work good as the harder fat on my flanks, lower back and outer thighs. He... READ MORE

Which is better...flying (1hr) or driving (6 hrs) with lots of stops 5 days after a BBL and tummy tuck?

Traveling from LAX to SMF after BBL & TT. I plan on having a BBL and TT. I will be arriving a day before surgery and hopefully flying (1hr) or driving (6 hrs) with lots of... READ MORE

Can most pain after Bbl & Tt be controlled with pain meds?

What is the best advice for controlling pain post op with pain medication? READ MORE

Prescription medications - Having BBL and TT

I am going to have bbl and TT. Can I keep taking birth control pills and spironolactone 50mg for cystic acne? This medication is normally taken for high blood pressure but is... READ MORE

Are PS willing to fill out disability forms for SDI benefits?

I'm having a TT, bbl and lipo and feel that I will need to be out of work for 3 full weeks. Will my surgeon fill out the necessary forms so that I can receive State Disability... READ MORE

Is Vita Medica products for surgery recovery okay to take for TT, bbl & lipo?

I've read that this helps reduce swelling and makes for a faster recovery. If not a good idea,is there another brand or combination of recovery supplements that are effective? READ MORE

How long will the surgery take for a TT and bbl combination surgery?

I decided to have a TT and bbl at the same time. I'm curious how long I will be under? READ MORE

Can you have a TT and BBL with an IUD?

I'm thinking of changing my birth control. I'm scheduled for TT and BBL in November. Is there a chance I will need to have the IUD removed or can the surgery be preformed with it? READ MORE

Will a TT help my butt profile? (Photo)

I was going to get a BBL and a TT but I have decided to have only one procedure done. Do you think a TT with liposuction will help compliment my butt profile? Especially if... READ MORE

Recent comments from luv2bebalanced

How much did it cost? Do you still love your results? READ COMMENT

Seems kind of expensive, did you get any other consultations? Just curious. I don't doubt he will do an amazing job but just wondering what others charged? Do you have any pics? I am the same height. READ COMMENT

I was considering Dr. Clark, do you have any pics? I want an hourglass waistline. READ COMMENT

I don't see any pics but it would be cool to see since I will be having my TT and Bbl soon. READ COMMENT

You mentioned that you were in so much pain the first 3 days that you cried. Just curious how your pain management schedule went. Some people say it's best to stay ahead of the pain. What did you do? READ COMMENT