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The Date is Set, but my Mind is Not... - Bismarck, ND

I have been stalking this site for the past few years and have enjoyed reading everyone's posts and questions. It has been a silent source of comfort for me, yet I have not had to courage to reach out to others until now. D day (June 9th) is quickly approaching and I find myself far less excited than I should be. I am scheduled to have have a full tummy tuck and breast augmentation (wedge... READ MORE

Questions from nothappy22

What Can Be Done and Who is Responsible?

A few years ago I had a breast reduction (anchor incision) going from a 38F to a 38D. I am a large frame so going any smaller would not look right (mine and the dr decision).... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Few Weeks After Incisions Opened Up?

A few weeks after my breast reduction surgery the vertical incisions (both sides) opened up. The dr said there was nothing he could do and that they would heal on their own,... READ MORE

What Can Be Done and Who is Responsible? Nipples too High and No Volume and Shape?

At my last post op with the dr I was still unhappy. My nipples were still too high and I still had no volume and shape up top. He told me that it can take a few years for... READ MORE

Revision of Breast Reduction. SHould I Have to Pay to Fix?

The dr told me that he may have placed my nipples a bit high but the real problem is that when my external incisions separated so did my internal sutures. Did I mention that... READ MORE

What can be done (if anything) to prevent lower pole from filling and stretching?

I am almost 11 weeks post op lift (inverted T) and augmentation (510 cc, mod pro, saline, sub). I had a reduction done years ago and was instantly left with no upper volume,... READ MORE

4+ months post tummy tuck and still have sutures coming out of lower incision (not muscle repair). Is this OK? (Photo)

2 weeks post op I went in to have sutures removed, the nurse said my skin had healed too fast and she couldn't get them all out. Several weeks later I went in to have a... READ MORE

Follow up - Non dissolving sutures still coming out 4 months post TT. Is this normal?

Already asked a question, this is just more info. I am 4+ months post TT, the sutures that were meant to come out 2 weeks post op were left in by a nurse. I have already had a... READ MORE

Recent comments from nothappy22

Hi there! I am a mother of 2 (both c-sections) and I understand your struggles with your mid section. I tried everything from healthy diets, pills, personal trainers and everything in between. Nothing worked. I would lose weight and... READ COMMENT

Thank you for the info! You are correct in assuming I am on a T4 replacement (synthroid). I am on a very high dose and I am miserable. The side effects are almost as bad as the symtoms for hypothyroidism. I was on Armour Thyroid for a... READ COMMENT

I have had horrible dry mouth since my surgeries as well. I am constantly drinking water and have even switch my toothpaste and mouthwash to ones that are supposed to help with this issue, but so far it doesn't seem to be helping much.... READ COMMENT

Oh honey I am so jealous! I am 5 weeks and 2 days post op and the struggle is still all too real. I still cannot stand straight, and standing for more than a couple of minutes is pure hell on my lower back and legs. 4 days ago I woke up... READ COMMENT

Our stories are so similar. Hypothyroidism, weight issues, 2 kids two c sections...My biggest fear is also leaving my babies without a mom and this fear has made me start to back out of the surgeries half a dozen time. I am scheduled... READ COMMENT