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Questions from Lovestar

Is my Boob Surgery Ok? (photo)

1 Week ago surgery....390 brasilian...above muscle.... before left breast hanging smaller than round right breast... now 7 days after bit asymmetry...will it even out...... READ MORE

Post Op Breast Care?

Hello.... I am one week post Surgery breast augmentation. Today I opened the door and slightly hit my right breast/ was not a hard hit... just a bump ... I see... READ MORE

Dental Work One Week After Boob Surgery?

Hi I had my surgery in Friday.... the Friday after aka one week post op my mom who is a dentist did some minor dental work... she worked on a filling around my crown and my... READ MORE

Breast Implants One Week Post Op Bruise? (photo)

Hi I was lifting my suitcase yesterday which was 12kg...about 20 pounds very carefully on the bus and had a muscle spasm... Could it have damaged the implant...I have yellowish... READ MORE

10 Days Post Op Breast Augmentation Hematomas? (photo)

One is a hematoma from the drainage under arm, the other one on my boob I am not sure what it looks red with little capillaries... Do you think that the redness on my... READ MORE

Incision Bleeding Under Breast - 4 Weeks Post Op - Stitches Taken out 7 Days Ago? (photo)

Hi I am freaking out a bit.....My incision started bleeding a bit...I removed the bandage.... Then I saw a red swelling at the incision... I am 4 weeks post removed... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Sex Almost 2 Months Post Op?

Hi I am a bit worried.... I had my breast augmentation on the 21.Sept.2012... I had sex which was quite energetic on the 12.Nov.2012, Its almost 2 months post op, Sorry to be... READ MORE

Double Bubble or Breast Crease Formation? (photo)

I might have asked this question twice... I am 2 months post op, above muscle, 390 weight... I included some photos of my right breast, the side, there is a slight crease, like... READ MORE

Delayed Menstrual Cycle After BA?

Hi ... I am exactly 2 months post op, Breast Augmentation., and I am 33 years old. I had my operation on the 22.09.2012, actually 2 days before my period would start. My period... READ MORE

Red Spider Veins on Implants? (photo)

Hi I started developping these red spider veins at the bottom of my implants.... they are scattered around a vein popping out.....feels a bit like its bulging out...even... READ MORE

Juvederm Swelling 2 Weeks Ago Cheeks and Laugh Lines? (photo)

Hello, I attached some photos for you to see. Exactly 2 weeks ago and 3 days from today.....I had Juvederm injected in my laugh lines around my mouth and cheeks. It is still... READ MORE

I had sudden swelling and pain in my breast with implant. Has it ruptured? (Photo)

Hi I started feeling achy and feverish this morning like a flu. My breast were tender, until I took my shirt off and saw that one breast with the implant swelled up to a double... READ MORE

What can I do about ongoing mastitis near right breast implant? (photo)

History:was on 3rd day of period right implant big swelling with fever hospita IV antibiotics no infection in blood a week ago:went for scan last week, slight mastitis(was... READ MORE

Found sudden lump at breast implant incision. What could it be? (Photo)

I am exactly 2 years post op breast implant, incision under breast, today I felt with my hand a hard mass alond the incision line, which hasn't been there before.....I took... READ MORE