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34 Year Old Top Heavy 2 Kids - Los Angeles, CA

Went in to my consultation and decided on the spot that I did want to go forward with the procedure.This was my second consultation and decided to go with Dr number 2. I'm excited and nervous. Scheduled for 4/1/16. I've always been top heavy so im excited to have some sort of proportion. I'm looking forward to that (not so much the pain) :) Just paid my deposit and I'm so excited to begin... READ MORE

1st shower killed me! I hope it gets easier!

I'm a 31 year old mommy of two girls 6 & 1. After gaining almost 80 lbs with my first born , I knew I wanted this done, but figured I could wait till after I had one more child ( I'm 5 feet no inches and 150 lbs, a little tea pot :) i have to say I more than love myself, no problem there lol, but I'm tired of this saggy, hangy loosey goosey skin! i wont miss it at all! I'm more than ready... READ MORE

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Should I take iron before emu lipo and fat transfer?

Seems like I will be getting alot of lipo. fist doc told me I should be taking iron pills with my daily meals prior to surgery (without seeing labs) and haven't heard back from... READ MORE

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Will I be able to go up stairs day 1 post op?

Hello gals, my surgery is scheduled for Oct 23. I live in a tri- level townhouse and to get to at least my living room I have to go up one flight of stairs. How difficult will... READ MORE

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Hi love I'm doing well thanks for asking. So far so good. I got 1140ccs put in each and at first it kinda scared me it was soooo big, but it's been getting better now this it's a little softer and not so swollen. I love my lipoed parts.... READ COMMENT

Lol tell me about it. I love Netflix right now. And thank you same goes to you girl, you also look soooo great ! I'm so excited were both doing so well! Xoxo READ COMMENT

Thank you!!! When are you scheduled? You'll be so happy you did it. READ COMMENT

Thanks so much. READ COMMENT

That's awesome! Not the drowsy part but the part you don't get headaches lol but I just realized you had a lot of procedures done so you need all those meds to keep you comfy. I hope you feel quickly cuz this sure is uncomfortable. Xoxo READ COMMENT