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Anyone had lipo with skin excision?

I'm having lipo of the abdominal area, hips and flanks and the a skin excision. This will be in office and he will take 4 litters of fat and fluids he said. I just wondered... READ MORE

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That sounds really good. It has helped me in the "digestion" (bm) area also. When I low carbed that was a problem. READ COMMENT

Markswife-Well I didn't follow exactly what you said to do. I didn't think I could do just fruits and veggies for 3-4 days so I'm eating sweet potatoes, black bean, and brown rice in there too. I've always been a carb lover so this is... READ COMMENT

Markswife- I just wanted to thank you again for the vegan encouragement. I started eating lowfat vegan 3 days ago and the scale was down 1.6 lbs after the first day and I'm never hungry:) thanks again READ COMMENT

Markswife- when you said eat any fruits and veggies I want for 3-4 days that includes corn and potatoes right? I know they are veggies but It's hard to get past being scared of those carbs. My PS really pushes low carb too. Thanks! READ COMMENT

Thanks guys! You two have been great. My husband works out of town and is gone 4 days a week so it's all on me and the little one doesn't sleep through the night. That's part of my problem. It will all come together. I just hope I... READ COMMENT