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Upper Bleph Scars That Flare Up to Eyebrows, Two Years Later..what Can I Do?

I still have evident scars from an upper bleph two years ago. These scars are flared up to touch my eyebrows. They don't hide in any natural crease or anything. Just there.... READ MORE

Will Laser Help with Scarring from an Upper Bleph Two Years Ago?

Incision lines for my upper bleph were not placed in the natural crease of my eyes. My revision doctor had just enough skin to redo my upper eyelids and place them in the... READ MORE

Risks of a Steroid Injection on 'Dog Ear' Scars on Upper Lids, 2 Years Later.

What are some of the risks to having a steroid injection into 'dog ear' scars? Had an upper bleph two years ago and the doctor flared his incision lines all the way up to touch... READ MORE

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Hi Badmidfacelift: I am so very sorry for your experience. This is just awful. He should have never said those words to you, "Sweetheart, stop it! I just ripped all the muscles off the bones of your face." That was not comforting in... READ COMMENT

Yes, Agreed! Asymmetry is his specialty. Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! READ COMMENT

Just because a doctor calls himself a "Top Doctor" or a "Rhinoplasty Specialist" doesn't make it true. You and I and so many others are proof of that. READ COMMENT

OMG! I didn't notice the picture you posted and just read your update. Your nose looks so much better! So happy for you! Thank goodness you found a talented doctor to correct your crooked nose and congestion. :) READ COMMENT

Jacathope: I read your recent update and I agree with you. It does suck! It really, really does. I can relate to everything you are saying and feeling. I am so sorry for all that you are going through. I understand, I have been... READ COMMENT