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Can You Get Plastic Surgery to Look Like Someone Else?

Is it possible to use plastic surgery to look like someone else? Can it make someone who is average/ugly to a stunner? Thanks :) READ MORE

Can You Get Plastic Surgery to Fix Close-set Eyes?

Can you get plastic surgery or craniofacial surgery to fix close-set eyes? thanks :) READ MORE

How Can I Change the Shape of my Face And Make It Wider?

Can I change the shape of my face, and how? I have chubby cheeks, and the bottom of half of my face is wider than my top half? Can you get rid of the fat? Can you change the... READ MORE

Will Plastic Surgery Make You Look Fake?

I don't want to look plastic-y or fake... Many of the times people can tell if someone has had plastic surgery... Is it possible to have plastic surgery without people telling... READ MORE

Could I Get Plastic Surgery to Look Like the Model Gemma Ward? (photo)

Could I get plastic surgery to look like the model Gemma Ward? What procedures could I do to look more like her. I'm not thinking about seriously getting plastic surgery to... READ MORE

My Smile is Too Big?

My smile is too big for my face? What can I do about it? READ MORE

How Many Plastic Surgeries Can You Have Before You Start to Look Fake?

We've all seen people who look terribly fake after multiple plastic surgeries... How many plastic surgeries can you have before you look fake (considering you've had... READ MORE

Nose Job and Chin Surgery? (photo)

So I was thinking I would get a nose job: shave down the dorsal hump, and fix the drooping tip. Also at the top of my nose, there is a bit of a concave... so I was going to fix... READ MORE

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Good luck with the case!~ READ COMMENT

Thank you for your review! I was thinking about going to this surgeon, but obviously now I will NOT be going to see Oleh! Did you talk to your doctor after you weren't happy with your results? Perhaps you can get a revision surgery with... READ COMMENT

Oh my gosh! It looks fantastic. Thank you SO SO SO much for this great full review! Wow, just stunning :') Definitely will check your doctor out! READ COMMENT

It looks AMAZING!!! Any comments on your doctor, and if he's a good one? READ COMMENT