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OMG. Who is this? If I ever decide to get any type of cosmetic work I will be certain to avoid! READ COMMENT

My experience is listed towards the top of this long thread that I apparently started (i.e. regarding use of hydrogen peroxide). I've noticed a great improvement since using a physical sunscreen every day, regardless if it's rainy,... READ COMMENT

I'm curious what has happened to all the people that were promoting the hydrogen peroxide/dandruff shampoo/mouthwash solution for melasma. People raved about the results. Did those results last? READ COMMENT

Just a note- I got cystic acne around 30 (I'm 44 now). It took years of trying various topicals, including tretinoin, before finding the link to my diet. Sugar doesn't cause it, but wheat and lots of dairy in the form of cheese and... READ COMMENT

I know this isn't an ACV / mole/ wart thread, but isn't it amazing? The first time I tried it was just to see if it worked. I couldn't believe when the mole dried up and started to peel off! I'm now trying it on a sun (age? liver?)... READ COMMENT