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Vaser Liposuction of Abdominals and Flanks - 37 Yr Old Male

I'm a 37 year old male who's fairly lean but despite vigorous workout & diet regimens, I've never had anything more than a very soft 4 pack. My flanks/sides are also problematic. I seem to store a lot of fat there. I'll be getting my procedure done by Dr. Stan Castor from Artisan Aesthetics in Tampa, FL. I've never before had work done by Dr. Castor, but my research has led me to... READ MORE

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I have mixed thoughts day to day. On the one hand I'm glad I did it b/c there's drastic fat reduction in my belly. On the other hand, fat seems to have come back stronger in my flanks. I had my flanks done too, but I guess the fat cells... READ COMMENT

Yes. the hardness is much better. At this rate, I'm thinking it might be totally gone in 2-3 months. I still have numbness in some lipo treated areas and it's my understanding that could last a while (one year??) until the nerves repair... READ COMMENT

I'm feeling good. My abs are still hard (not muscularly, but from the Vaser) and I've read that I may have that hard feeling for up to a year after Vaser. I injured my foot last week (unrelated to lipo) so I've been lying around getting... READ COMMENT

I see a difference. Just give it some time. One think I noticed on my abdomen was lymphatic fluid build up. At first I thought it was undertreated lipo areas b/c they felt like pockets of fat. But I talked to Dr. Castor and he said... READ COMMENT

Are you going with Dr. Castor still? I'm 10 days post-op but so far I don't have any regrets. Dr. Castor was super friendly and easy to work with. If your surgery is last in the day, you might expect to wait a while. I arrived about... READ COMMENT