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Happy 2 Year Mommy Makeover Anniversary to me!

I'm a 29 year old mom of 3. I have 2 boys and a girl (5, 3 and 18 moths). I always knew I'd want a MM after I was done having kids. I've always been very conscious of my appearance and I never want to wear a one-piece bathing suit ;) I wore a 2 piece this past summer but I hated my tummy when I bent over. Not to mention, I had a hernia and a stretched out old belly button ring hole. It wasn't... READ MORE

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4 1/2 Weeks PO and Think I'm Coming Down with Stomach Bug. Will Throwing Up Ruin my TT at This Point?

I'm 4 1/2 weeks Post-op and 2 of my kids have a stomach virus (throwing up). I'm starting to feel sick myself and I'm so worried that throwing up will damage my TT results. At... READ MORE

Coughing at 5 Weeks?

I had a stomach virus on Monday and then caught a bad cold Tues and have been coughing ever since. I am doing everything I can to limit the coughing and today it's been... READ MORE

8 1/2 Months PO from my Mommy Makeover Would a Scar Revision Be Possible? Or Laser Treatment? (photo)

I had my TT in December Overall, I'm 100% happy with my TT. My scar is really low and my stomach is flat. However, I needed a small vertical incision for my old belly button... READ MORE

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Is this realistic? TT and BA recovery question

I am 29 years old and a mom of 3 (5, 3 and 16 m).  I have a consult with a PS on Oct 12th to talk about a possible TT and definitely BA.  I say "possible" bc even... READ MORE

What if you don't have a recliner?

My MM is scheduled for Dec 6th at 11:30am!!  I think I'm pretty prepared but all I keep hearing about how all of you have a recliner.  We don't have one.  I'm... READ MORE

At 2 weeks post-op can I handle 3 kids?

Next Wednesday my hubby has to go to an important meeting at work then to a work Holiday party.  He will be gone all until probably 8 or 9pm.  I'll be 13 days out... READ MORE

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Hi! No I never had any revision. My scar has healed really well. Its white and not raised. Thought about a revision for my vertical but at this point it blends in with my skin so well Id be stupid to get it removed. How far out are you... READ COMMENT

Why are you doing a whole scar revision? I was thinking maybe I could do that this time next year to try to reduce my vertical plus address the sides. But there are parts of it where you cant even see it so I'd hate to mess that up. READ COMMENT

Yes I have! I have been thinking about getting DermaBlend. I may pick some up this week. I also scheduled my appt with him for Sept 27th to talk about my options. I would LOVE to smoothe out some of these scars without going the... READ COMMENT

All of what you just posted is all normal! My boobs were hard and quite square and scary for a few weeks. Lol. They are very soft, perky and feel real now. I couldn't stand up straight for about 4-6 weeks. Sucks about the drain :(. I... READ COMMENT