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A-cup Breast Lift with NO Implants, Tummy Tuck and Hernia Repair - Vancouver, BC

I'm in my mid twenties with one child (3 years old.) During my pregnancy and the first year old my son's life, a slew of crappy events occurred (including my mother's illness, my caring for her in her decline and death, separation from an abusive partner, son having allergies and being very underweight, having to go on welfare and to family court etc.) It took a toll on my body at such a... READ MORE

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What Influences the Height of a Tummy Tuck Scar? (photo)

I'm interested in getting a tummy tuck this winter (have some consultations booked already.) I also need hernia and muscle repair. I'm curious what factors into the height of... READ MORE

How Common is Fat Necrosis in Autologous Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

What is the rate of incidence and how does it compare to other complications? Is it considered a serious complication if fat necrosis occurs and how is it dealt with? Does it... READ MORE

Why Match the Inframammary Fold Height in Mastopexy? (photo)

I'm looking into getting a breast lift without implants. I am a modest A cup but very happy being flat chested, just not with the sag. My understanding is that the nipple... READ MORE

Why Not Lift Above the Inframammary Fold Height? (photo)

I am a modest A cup but very happy being flat chested, just not with the sag (no implants for me.) My understanding is that the nipple 'should be' nearly level with the... READ MORE

Nipple Placement After Breast Lift? (photo)

I want a lot of lift with very small breasts and no implants. I am not willing to consider implants, but I want my nipple higher from my inframammary fold than is typical in a... READ MORE

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Has Anyone Else had a BL with A cups and not had implants?

I have a few consultations scheduled over the next couple of months to get a TT and BL. I'm about a "B" cup with all the skin but really, I'd still say I fit better in A cup... READ MORE

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What an awesome outcome and an inspiring story. Keep up the good work, you're looking great! READ COMMENT

If you get a breast lift now and want to have 4 children prior to 30, you will have to start having children by about the time you are 25. That leaves only 7 years to enjoy your results - your breasts WILL almost certainly stretch and... READ COMMENT

I have had one child and am a single mom... I've talked to some of the PS's and been told that there's no particular medical reason why I shouldn't have children after a TT and BL. There aren't increased risks for complications in... READ COMMENT

Hi Lynda, Yes, I am aware that they will be a bit smaller and that I will end up pretty much flat chested. I was ok with that prior to having a baby and am ok with that now too :) READ COMMENT

Thanks Rachel, but I'm sticking to my 'no implant' rule! Good luck to us both :) READ COMMENT