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Revision Nose Job. Philadelphia, PA

I dreamed of getting my nose fixed for over 25 years and now I took the risk and did it 2 weeks ago. I am so swollen and very scarred yet, but waiting to see the outcome. I forgot how hard it was to look in the mirror and see a person that you don't know because of the swelling. I have been praying and hoping I will love my new nose because I have waited so long for this. Could anyone please... READ MORE

Questions from findinghappy

It has been almost 4 weeks since surgery and my nose is really crooked and so is the nostrils. Will it get better?

I had a nose job almost 4 weeks ago and the nostrils and nose is more crooked than before. The doctors says it's still swollen. When the swelling goes down will it be less crooked? READ MORE

Can you put arnica gel on nose 4 weeks after surgery for swelling?

I had a revision over weeks ago and I still have a lot of swelling. My nose looks crooked because one side is more swollen than the other, is this normal? I also now have a... READ MORE

Why does my nose look so much worse after 4 weeks, than when the doctor took the cast off?

When the cast was removed my nose had a nice shape, now it's been over 4 weeks and the shape of my nose looks so bad. Why is this? I know it's still swollen, but how can the... READ MORE

How long does it take after a revision to determine if you like your new nose?

Hi, I see that some people on the web site like there nose soon after surgery, it has been 5 months and I don't like my nose. Do you think it's just the swelling and I will... READ MORE

My nose is really fat, big, and close to my face. Will it be like this?

I had a revision nose job 7 weeks ago, and right now it's really fat, big and close to my face, will it be like this or is it just the swelling? My before was really skinny,... READ MORE

What makes a doctor a revision nose specialist?

Hi, Could someone please tell me when a doctor states he is a revision nose specialist, does he have to go through more training or does he just add that to lure in people who... READ MORE

When it is ok to blow you nose after a nose job?

Hi, My doctor stated it was ok to blow my nose after 14 days, so at 16 days I blew my nose then I developed a small bump on the bridge of my nose. I asked my doctor and he... READ MORE

Is 3 1/2 hours enough time for a complicated revision nose job and mini face lift?

Hi, I was wondering if you think 3 1/2 hours is enough time in surgery to do a complicated revision nose job and a mini face lift? I have heard that revision nose jobs alone... READ MORE

What is a spreader used for?

I had a little, skinny nose that was a little over projected and now I have a wide, huge, ugly nose. The doctor stated he did nothing to the bridge of my nose, but after... READ MORE

Recent comments from findinghappy

I can not tell you how many other people have said the same thing. There doctor screws up and then they tell you that you have body dysmorphia. This is what doctors do when they screw up, is blame is on you. I think if a doctor was a... READ COMMENT

Thank you. I couldn't of said it better READ COMMENT

Your nose looks awesome. I'm so happy for you, you look beautiful and so does your nose. You picked the right doctor to do your nose. You are so lucky. READ COMMENT

Hi, Can you post after pictures please? READ COMMENT