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I Want to Know Will Micro Fat Grafting Fill out a 6 Mm Temporal Hollowing? How Much Fat Will Survive?

Hello there, i want to get fat grafted to my temporal areas (micro fat grafting), i just want to know or in anyone's experience can it fill out that much of a hollowing? and... READ MORE

Will Removing my Parotid Glands Cause the Lower Half of my Face to Look Smaller?

My doctor says my parotid glands are cancerous after testing a piece of it at the hospital, i was just wondering if removing the whole glands will cause my lower face to look... READ MORE

Hello There, I Am Thinking of Having Radiesse Filler Injected into my Temples for Volume, Where Exactly is It Injected?

I am confused, where exactly is radiesse injected into the temples? is it under the skin or under the muscle? under which facial layer exactly? thanks. READ MORE

How Long Does Botox Take to Work in the Masseter Muscles?

How long does Botox take to work in the masseter muscles? I have thick masseter muscles and i want to get some botox injections on each side to reduce them, can anyone possibly... READ MORE

Does Anyone Know What That Crunchy Sound is when Having Fillers Done?

A week ago i had radiesse dermal fillers done in my temples under the skin, while the doctor was piercing me with the needle i heard a crackling sound as if my skin was being... READ MORE