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embrace scar therapy journey

I am starting this review for the purpose of showing other women the results of the scar treatment "Embrace Scar Therapy ". Doctors swear by it and I have seen some awesome reviews about it on here, but there's not enough so I'll share my story, I had a breast lift (lollipop) May/4/7 the application was very simple and comes with video instruction with a link to YouTube Yes it's silicone... READ MORE


I had a procedure done by Dr. Frieman at Coral Gables, and my breast look amazing day one. He was a very nice man and understandable, makes you feel like he knows all the right answers. This brings much confidence with surgery. I had a lift and 340 306 one side! Only problem pain pills not working so I'm in loads of pain Very tight I seen the nips today and I'm wondering how he got them so... READ MORE


I started getting laser removal of my ex husbands name lucky me right. Well I'm starting to get frustrated because I've had my fourth session and it still has not gone it is right above my heart and I thought that supposed to be where it goes The most I understand that she likes to use a local laser but I think I may need more I HAVE HAD FOUR TREATMENTS, ON MY TATTOO ON CHEST, IT TAKES... READ MORE

Questions from minimimi11

I want 600cc and lift, doc not advising, I have 17 cm base diameter.

Should I get lift and wait a year for 600 cc. I'm patite 411 I weigh 130, I am small but I do have some breast as of now. My surgery is scheduled for May 9 of this year... READ MORE

17 cm base width, 4'11", 128 lbs, seeking big implants. (Photo)

I am seeking breast implants with lift this is a revised question due to complications of earlier. I want to have a lift to make my nipples smaller but I also want a bigger... READ MORE

Can I take gabapentin after BA? The opioids are not working and I'm in pain (Photo)

I just recently had surgery 5/9/2017 I have been taking two 5 mg Percocet. They are not working anymore and I was wondering if I can take gabapantin, the stuff prescribed to me... READ MORE

Will 349 and 304 get me to a D cup? (Photo)

First off love my doc and the work ! And I knew with a lift I had to go smaller ended up with 349 and 304 want to at least be a D. I know you cant give me an exact answer but... READ MORE

Are there any invasive liposuction doctors in Colorado? (Photo)

I can't seem to find any real Lipo, and I do not like laser or cook sculpting. I want the actual Lipo. I don't want to travel to Miami to have yet another procedure, but I... READ MORE

Recent comments from minimimi11

This might have been for the best as this doctor almost killed a girl And this clinic is knows for skin infections Please beware!!!;( READ COMMENT

Yes it's deff too soon hon !!!!! They don't look pretty at first, Freiman was my doctor as well and I also have 339 just in one breast because I had one bigger than the other prior to surgery. You should even out with time for sure. I... READ COMMENT

Honey I would sue, he just had his medical license revoked and has many pending issues He is all over the news !!!!!! READ COMMENT

This man just had his medical license revoked !!!!!! I'm sorry you had tI experience him READ COMMENT

Fortycankissit yes my left is higher and tighter. I can feel it while doing things: and when I get up in the morning READ COMMENT